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suraj.com revoria
suraj.com revoria 2

Suraj.com is one of the largest provider of printing solutions in Goa catering to commercial printing segment. Mr. Prakash Gawas Founder & Director at Suraj.com said, “Speed and quality of Fujifilm Revoria is really revolutionary, Our evaluation of buying a new digital press was under process and the entry of Fujifilm with Insight excited us to go for it ,”.

“In the world of ever evolving consumer demands where change is the only constant, the digital printing industry is set to show strong and resilient growth in the coming years. With a common belief of transforming the printing industry and taking the conventional method to Digital printing, Fujifilm and Insight both have come together. ” Commented Mr. Ashish Save Director at Insight Print Communication

The Revoria PC 1120 is equipped with a one-pass, six-color print engine, up to two special toners such as gold, silver, clear, white, pink, and textured that can be used in addition to the basic CMYK toners. Revoria PC 1120 runs at a high speed of 120ppm while achieving high definition and high resolution print up to 2400,dpi and the speed doesn’t get reduce while printing any speciality color.

This press enables one to achieve the next level of media versatility as it supports a broad range of stocks: 52 gsm lightweight paper, 400 gsm heavyweight paper. It handles minimum 98 x 148 mm and up to 330 x 1200 mm in simplex printing and 330 x 729mm in duplex printing.

“We already had a fleet of digital presses, but with the Revoria we wanted to really expand the bounds of our digital capability. We have printed on a variety of substrates including dark colored stocks, heavily textured stocks, and a variety of synthetic stocks including clear materials, we have also made multiple passes through the press to create a texture effect. This machine delivers out of the box productivity with stunning output. “ Further adds Ms. Teena Gawas, Marketing Manager at Suraj.com

It offers Infinite colour possibilities and infinite new revenue streams as metallic, clear ink and more specialty colors can be used in any number of ways, including printing directly on colour media. It also allows underlay and overlay printing in single pass. The exciting addition of speciality color Pink Toner enhances the print aesthetic. The fluorescent colours of the pink toner expands the colour gamut significantly, thus resulting in vibrant printouts especially on people images showing vivid colours and with smoother skin tones.

Revoria PC 1120 is empowered with air suction feeder which enables you to print on variety of media without the risk of double and mis-feeding on the other hand static eliminator makes it easy to stack and align film and metallic media without them sticking together. AI based photo quality optimisation to enhance and correct RGB image quickly and effortlessly enhancing based on photo’s existing lacklustre condition.

“The Revoria PC 1120 caters to both ”Value “ and ”Volume “ applications in the high-end digital printing domain. The machine with its 6 stations and 10 color options gives the unique ability to a customer to create a variety of effects along with CMYK, which increases the application gamut. At the same time, its fast speed of 120 PPM and versatile RIP caters to large volume printing. It’s a wonderful combination of Value and volume.” Commented by Mr. Kentaro Imafuku HOD ( Head Of department:- Graphic Arts Division) Fujifilm India