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  • 21
  • Sept
  • 2020

Secure your investments with HP Latex Printers

As the entire world is going through Covid-19 economic crisis there is substantial downsizing of commercial printing. Print marketing budgets of all major brands is all time low and consumers are giving preference to E-commerce. Today Sign & Display large format customers are struggling to generate business so need of the hour is to think beyond S&D Applications and this is where HP Latex printers has certain advantages over its competition. 

No one expected such a lengthy lockdown which initially came to us as a surprise. Large format customers hardly got time to Shutdown their Printers in planned way. Post unlock while other technologies suffered with Print Head failures and incurred heavy cost to restart printers, HP Latex printers being a water based technology literally started functioning immediately without any extra repair cost. This is one of the live example of how HP Latex Printers are reliable and has value for money in terms of investment. While S&D commercial printing is yet to pick up need of the hour to venture in to different verticals. 

Considering Indian population there are huge opportunities with home décor segment. Applications like digitally printed Wall Papers, Canvas frames, Window blinds, Ceiling Graphics are very popular and demand is growing day by day. Be it House, Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, Galleries, Corporate parks – Decoration has become part of our life style. First and foremost important aspect of the décor is print should be odorless, VOC free as it is indoor application. HP Latex inks are aqueous based and having highest level of Green credentials (Certifications) – For sure HP latex Printers are obvious choice and is winner in Décor Segment.

Traffic Signage is another opportunity where trend is changing from Vinyl Cut Paste to direct printing on reflective vinyl. Latex inks are translucent by nature which allows light to pass through and reflect 

Base of reflective Vinyl. Latex inks are having wider color gamut and we can easily reproduce commonly used colors like Black, Red, Orange, Green and Blue both for regulated and no-regulated traffic signages.

I would like to highlight one more USP of Latex inks which is inks are highly flexible. That means once printed on Cast Vinyl it can take any shape without cracking. Because of the stretchability factor HP Latex inks are best suitable for applications like Vehicle wraps and Wall graphics.

So there are countless business opportunities with HP latex printers.  Just to mention few more our customers are already using HP Latex printers for applications like Polycarbonate labels, Industrial labels, Window Graphics, Soft Signages, PU Leatherlite , Stickers, etc.

While because of the Covid-19 there is uncertainty with S&D segment one must invest wisely into  technology which is Green, Versatile, Reliable, Dependable and future ready. For sure HP Latex technology scores a point over UV and Eco-Solvent in all aspects – With HP Latex you can explore immense business opportunities and your capital investment is protected.

Ashish Save
Director – Insight Print Communications